A Book of Changes

The theme of the 2022 Hong Kong Writers Circle Anthology is A Book Of Changes. The anthology was published on Amazon Dec 2022 but won’t officially launch until March 2023 at an event at the Hong Kong International Literary Festival.

This year’s anthology is in partnership with the Organising Committee of this year’s Writing Roundtable 2022 Conference, hosted by the ELC of PolyU. Members of the Hong Kong Writers Circle submitted a work of poetry, short fiction, or creative nonfiction tying our anthology to their guiding theme of Flux in Pedagogy, Creative Writing & Scholarship, defining “flux” as “uncertainty and constant change”.

Each story or poem is thematically associated with one of the hexagrams of the I Ching. Functionally, this means each author selected at least one of the 64 hexagrams and let one or more of its names inspire their story, flash(es), poem(s), or creative nonfiction.


Alan Smithee (Editor), Dominic Sargent (Associate Editor)


SCC Overton, Sadie Kaye, Holly Sykes, Julien Pants, Dominic Sargent, Kristina C. Wilson, Jan Chu, Michael Watson, Neil Frank Shastry, Reena Bhojwani, Stewart McKay, Paul Clinton Corrigan, Allan Westphall, Phoebe Siu, Suci Remiyati, Vaughan Rapatahana.