After the Storm

With all manner of storms battering Hong Kong the past few years, what happens After the Storm?

Set in Hong Kong and beyond, the seventeenth annual Hong Kong Writers Circle anthology delves deep into the aftermath of natural and human-made storms: joy, disappointment, humility, regret, and humour. Some of the storms are sudden and visceral; others take time to build; some are gentle and others are violent; some happen in a teacup, others across the solar system.

Whether you want to immerse yourself in meditative poetry and creative non-fiction, or the fictional worlds of tycoon’s daughters and soup makers to dragons; aging boyband singers and emigrants to new lands; fatherless children and teenagers on the edge; reckless private investigators and secretive scientists; unfaithful lovers and grieving girlfriends, you will find hours of engaging reading with After the Storm.


Jason Y. Ng, Karl M. Hurst, Dominic Sargent, Larry Feign, Sadie Kaye, Reena Bhojwani, Kristina C. Wilson, Becky Baker, Ian Greenfield, Stewart McKay, Chris Maden, Andy Morrall, Lia Mandansari, Vaughan Rapatchahana, Tom K. E. Chan, Jervina Lao, Anjali Mittal, Paul Clinton Corrigan, Simon Berry, R. J. Verity, Suci Resmiyati, Joy Al-Sofi.

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