Another Hong Kong

Edited by Simon Berry, Katrina Hamlin, Kate Hawkins and Peter Humphreys.

In this new collection, the Hong Kong Writers Circle’s authors and poets show us Another Hong Kong. This is not the city we think we know. By posing questions that defy easy answers and convenient clichés, these writers show us the Hong Kong of the past, the present and the future, as lived through the lives of others.

Another Hong Kong features short stories, poetry and creative non-fiction by up-and-coming and established local and expatriate Hong Kong authors. In Marc Allante’s cover art, “Monolith ll”, the city’s iconic skyline melts away, eliciting a strong sense that there is more to Hong Kong than meets the eye.

Trade Paperback: 239 Pages
Publisher: Hong Kong Writers Circle
Date of Publication: 2014
ISBN: 9789881685834

ASIN (Kindle): B00I8J19HI


Joy Al-Sofi, Simon Berry, Laura Besley, Reena Bhojwani, Rebekah Chan, Jérôme Cigut, Christine Deschemin, Ian Greenfield, Katrina Hamlin, Kate Hawkins, Peter Humphreys, Upasna Kaul, Crystal Lee, Nancy KW Leung, Ray CH Leung, Pik Ki Luk, Stewart C McKay, S McKenna, SCC Overton, Leela Devi Panikar, Edmund Price, Vaughan Rapatahana, James Tam, Valerie Wilson Trower.

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