Hotel China
Hotel China (2009)
Edited by SCC Overton and Edmund Price.

What can happen in the privacy of a hotel room? Anything and everything, if you check into the Hotel China, a collection of short fiction set in a hotel in the heart of Hong Kong’s historic and notorious Wanchai district.

Written by some of Hong Kong’s finest authors, these 26 tales follow the exploits of the hotel’s patrons and staff as they navigate the city’s distractions and hazards in pursuit of their goals, be they love, money … or even murder!

Journalists, businessmen, grifters and prostitutes rub shoulders with cleaners, doormen and bell-boys: each story is as individual as the characters that inspire them. And behind them all stands Hong Kong itself, the glittering reception hall for the political and economic powerhouse of China today.

Trade Paperback: 306 Pages
Publisher: Hong Kong Writers Circle
Date of Publication: 2009
ISBN: 978-988-98366-5-8#
ASIN (Kindle): B008EVFO58


Joy Al-Sofi, Michael A. Ashton, Elisabeth Attwood, Mike Bishop, Alan Brown, Sarah Crosby, Mio Debnam, Leela Devi Panikar, Stefanie Dubois, Lawrence Gray, Ian Greenfield, Peter Gregoire, Ryan Harper, Melanie Ho, Noble Hughes, Lorraine McLelland, SCC Overton, Edmund Price, Cate Rocchi, Jane Wallace, Valerie Wilson Trower.

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