​Sketches from Hong Kong

Edited by Melanie Ho and SCC Overton.

In Measurements, the Hong Kong Writers Circle examines the different ways we measure our lives. Short drinks, a right-angled triangle, how the depth of the ocean changes fortune – these 36 fiction and non-fiction vignettes are the long and the sort of some of Hong Kong’s best English writing this year.

Trade Paperback: 260 Pages
Publisher: Hong Kong Writers Circle
Date of Publication: 2010
ISBN: 978-988-98366-6-5

ASIN (Kindle): B004P5NUUI


Joy Al-Sofi, Michael A. Ashton, Elisabeth Attwood, Reena Bhojwani, John Biggs, Mike Bishop, Surajit Chakravarty, Hermine Chan, Dorcas Cheng-Tozun, Adam Cheung, Azita Crerar, Jame DiBiasio, Stefanie Dubois, Ian Greenfield, Ryan Harper, David William Hill, Melanie Ho, Noble Hughes, Sophronia Liu, Danielle Lowry, Susanna McKenna, Lorraine McLelland, Ngai Wing Yin, Shobha Nihalani, SCC Overton, Edmund Price, Bill Purves, Andy Smailes, Jane Wallace, Valerie Wilson Trower.

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